How Many Birds Are There in a Human Body?

What makes a great storyteller? An amazing story, the way you tell it? Or is it the ability to make anyone listen, give you their attention willingly, needlessly?

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’ll know that I love watching vloggers. Vloggers are like bloggers but with videos instead of long paragraphs. I’ve always thought that vloggers had it easy. It’s so much easier to rake in an audience with eye-catching 3-minute visuals than an endless string of words. My fault for choosing this medium, I suppose.

But then there’s Myles. I always commend the great efforts that young vloggers put into their work and Myles is a great example of that.

To me, Myles has somewhat elevated the usual vlogging template. At first, it is a seemingly simple video, something a typical teenage vlogger would create. Then it evolves into something else altogether and by then, you’re too fascinated to stop. His video is like a room opening up to more rooms; he’s the tour guide leading you through each door.

The way he narrates his thoughts and sew them all together into this one video is nothing short of genius. He makes it seem effortless, the way he segways between scenes, moods and revelations. Even the pauses he makes are made to look natural or accidental, instead of carefully structured moments to evoke that feeling in you. I love the way he layered different elements into this video too, that every shot represents something to the overall video. The way he juggles lighthearted moments with the deeper and more serious ones is incredibly impressive.

What can I say? Watch the video.

I keep thinking about decisions. Like every time you make a decision, you’ll never know what you lost out on each time … Every decision you make moves towards what would be your life.


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