These are some of the articles I’ve written.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

I spoke to Cheryl Ann Fernando, the inspiration behind the 2017 film “Adiwiraku” about a small kampung entering a choral speaking competition, and Jason Chong, the executive producer behind the film.

Did You Know These Malaysian Animals are Dying Off?

A list of the most endangered animals in Malaysia and how we can help them.

A Local’s Guide to Kajang

A travelling guide for a small town named Kajang. There’s more to Kajang than just satay! But this article also features satay.

One Step at a Time

I spoke to Sheela Raghavan Tan, a Bharatanatyam dance teacher who teaches underprivileged children in Bangsar the art of classical Indian dance for free.

History in the Making

I interviewed three Malaysian authors about writing historical fiction and Malaysia’s colourful past.