As I type this, I could still feel the burn of chillies on my fingers even after a whopping four hours after handling them. Rubbing my hands with salt and pouring milk all over them did nothing. I should have thought twice before proceeding to cut over 30 red chillies with my bare hands for our meal of Sambal Goreng. Any day of Eid means hours spent slaving in the kitchen, singing “Started from The Bottom” by Drake under my breath. I remember when I was working freelance with a couple of Americans and they asked me what my family usually cooks at home. Without missing a beat, I said, “Pasta”.

Not exactly the best way to educate people about your own culture, Atikah. But truth is Malay cooking is tedious, backbreaking and, proven by my throbbing fingers, hazardous to an extent. Damn Malay cuisine for being so delicious that it hurts!

But I digress. Eid ul Adha this year seems to be welcomed by a fantastic gloomy weather with billowing wind and endless rain. And although the Muslim world all around is having a generally horrible time, I hope they all get a respite for this day as I do back home here.

Eid Mubarak to all!


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