Tenangkan Bontot Anda

Yes, the title of this song is literally “Tenangkan Bontot Anda” (“Calm Your Butts”) and the song is as ridiculously whimsy as the title suggests. I love how this song is performed live because, from the looks of it, the song is a collection of random noises strung together which is really difficult to pull of! And yet this video makes it look effortless.

When I first heard of The Venopian Solitude, I thought, “Oh my god, what a contrived and pretentious name, I must check it out”. What I found is this incredible person – yes, the girl is The Venopian Solitude – who has an amazing talent and ability to create music out of nothing. If you look up on her Youtube channel, you’d see her singing while slapping a tissue box. It’s so strange but so undeniably good.

A mixed feeling is pretty much how I would describe how I feel about this singer. The Venopian Solitude seems bent on going against the grain. We’ve been seeing a lot of hijabis delving into music lately so that’s not a factor. What strikes me the most is how unassuming her appearance is, most of the time she looks like she’s just heading down to a nearby 7-11; a huge difference from the fashion-forward singing hijabis of late. Also, if you watch her songs on Youtube, the videos are always prefaced with random and mostly incoherent ramblings before diving into the actual songs. It’s incredibly annoying. She’s also not shy to tell you to piss off: bantering with fans in the comment section of her videos.

In other words, she’s quite difficult to be loved but she makes such good music, maybe it doesn’t matter?


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