Looks serene, doesn’t it? Feels like it could calm the stormiest of hearts of anxious flyers.

This picture is the cherry on top of a hell of a cake. It was so exhausting like you won’t believe! Three flights back to back, delays had us sleeping unabashedly on tiny airport chairs, screwing our biological clock. It’s not something I would want to repeat anytime soon. I’m glad that’s over and done with.

The first flight from KL to Hong Kong was a breeze. We set off at 10 am and I had a window seat. The flight was only a handful hours which I used to watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory and the awesome Lego Movie. Cathay served us rubbery fish but all in all, it gave me the confidence to jump on the second flight which was 12 hours in total.

The second flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles was a shitstorm in more ways than one. I’ve lost count on the number of turbulence we flew through. At first, I rationally discussed with myself the possibility of death and reasoned that flying through turbulence won’t actually cause plane crashes. By the second hour, I felt like storming into the cockpit and asking the pilots if they’re purposely flying through bad weather. By the fourth hour, I wished I was on a self-medicated stupor. By the eighth hour, I was so numb to the amount of turbulence I was facing that I didn’t care. I even slept. And that’s how you cure your fear of flying.

By the time we were ready to jet off to Salt Lake City, my body felt like a car crash. I was exhausted but calm. Somewhat resolved to have the third flight. The experience left me disoriented too since the time zones told us that we were still having a Monday even though hours have passed. It was Groundhog Day, basically. I had a window seat again and snatched the photo above. Not scared anymore, just fascinated.

I suppose after you traveled on a 12-hour turbulence-ridden flight, the sight of a sunset in a foreign land seemed almost incredible.


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