you taught me a lesson in bitterness
decided to gamble on my fate
my youth made me simple
i was your best student
i wrote all your speeches
slept on your words

you taught me
how to anticipate
how easy
to detect another liar
in the face of a lie

you formed a monster
and pretended otherwise

i despised the bond we share
over the past best forgotten
how my memory tugs
at your name

even in hatred
i belong to you
like an invisible
beyond my eyesight
beyond my grasp

i belong to you
because you made me beautiful
in my vulnerability
my insides
as fragile as cobwebs
breath and they’ll spurn
out of control

you made me beautiful
but you refuse
to claim me
i am

i am unfinished
but you are


Work not dated but it’s possibly from 2010.


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