And here we are!

Welcome me to your bosoms, WordPress buddies. Mates. Comrades. Friends. Frenemies.

I used to have a Blogger account – well, it’s still there – but I’ve decided that maybe, yes, WordPress is the place to go. Graduating from the kiddie pool. There’s a whole reasoning for that, which I will not go into here because I’m starting to feel a bit sleepy.

The url smashthebelljar was once a Tumblr blog, which now no longer exists. You may steal the tumblr address. I created it when I was feeling particularly sad for myself. Now, in hindsight, I realised maybe I’m just a melancholic person to begin with. It’s really hard to break the moping cycle at times; it feels too natural, very “in character”. There are times where I have to take myself out of my own headspace to know the real reason why I was even sad. You know, look at the dates on the calendar. Figure out if it’s all really just biology. You know.

Bell jar here is a reference to Sylvia Plath. A lady whose writing I adore but also scares me. When I first read “The Bell Jar”, I didn’t understand how Esther went crazy. It felt like a spontaneous combustion. It didn’t help that I could relate to her in so many ways, I wondered if I was on a pathway to a madhouse. That I was just simmering underneath. Of course, now that I’m older, I understood why Esther became who she is. We are all complex beings, different with our own personalised set of triggers.

Still, the bell jar exists at times and I do feel, that despite the change of scenery, I am breathing the same stale air as before. However, I made a vow that I will not wallow in this. Times a-changing. It’s 2014 and it’s time to dream again!

Welcome to my blog.


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