Published! New Short Stories in “Remang” and “The Tudung Anthology”

I am back and bearing gifts! This August, there will not be one but TWO separate short story anthologies with my name on them! My short story "Restless" is published in Terrerbooks' Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales whereas another short story, "Shame", is published in Matahari Books' The Tudung Anthology.     It just … Continue reading Published! New Short Stories in “Remang” and “The Tudung Anthology”

Once More with Feeling

Of all the resurrected blogs in all the towns in all the world, you're reading mine again in 2017. Let's have another go, once more with feeling! Yes, I am back to using this WordPress blog again. How many sites have I erected and ditched so far? Too many to count and I can already … Continue reading Once More with Feeling

The Anatomy

have you seen my scars? they've escaped underneath my dermis entrenched deeper than cakes of fat more so hidden than the whiteness of my bones untwine this seamless terrain of my chest pry these cages apart (hear them tweak with every milimetre while leaving splinters) there, can you see them? minute and prude playfully resisting … Continue reading The Anatomy

Marnie & I

When I was younger, I didn't know how to talk to people. Painfully shy, I would say. Always found wandering alone in the hallways of my school. I amused myself by creating stories about other people, giving them nicknames. I found ways to avoid socialising altogether: lagging back behind a group, making myself appear as … Continue reading Marnie & I